Meta’s Anticipated Social Media App “Threads” Readies for Tomorrow’s Launch

Meta’s Anticipated Social Media App “Threads” Readies for Launch

Amid increasing user discontent with Twitter’s recent policy changes, Meta fast-tracks its own microblogging app, “Threads“. The countdown to the service’s unveiling is now live on its landing page, eagerly anticipated for launch tomorrow.

Twitter’s recent amendments have impacted the user experience significantly, including a daily limit on tweet views and an upcoming restriction on free use of TweetDeck. It’s reported that these changes have provoked Meta to accelerate the Threads launch, initially slated for later this month.

At precisely 5 p.m. PT, the Threads landing page transformed from a blank canvas to a vibrant, animated countdown that concludes at 7 a.m. PT on July 6. The backdrop of the webpage features an interactive 3D model of multicolored dots that morph into the Threads logo from the right perspective.
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The user experience varies depending on the device you’re using. For Android devices, a message indicates “Threads is Coming soon for Android”. iOS users will find a link to the app download page, where they can pre-order the app for immediate download. However, the Play Store link is currently inactive. On a desktop, a QR code redirects to the same download page.

The Threads app, which had an early arrival on the Play Store, showcases a few key attributes. It’s closely integrated with Instagram, yet retains distinct features. While you won’t automatically follow your Instagram connections on Threads, you can choose to sync your following lists.

Privacy preferences also carry over from Instagram to Threads. If your Instagram profile is private, not all your followers can automatically follow you on Threads, unless you opt for that.

Your Threads profile is strongly linked to your Instagram profile. The two platforms share the same username, display name, and profile picture, which must come from Instagram. Additionally, anyone you block on Instagram is also blocked on Threads.

A much-anticipated feature of Threads is its compatibility with federated social networks like Mastodon (the “fediverse”). However, this feature might not be ready immediately after launch.

Furthermore, code analysis suggests that Threads will likely offer a web app version, with profile links closely resembling those of Instagram.

Meta’s Threads aims to rival Twitter head-on, offering an innovative alternative in the dynamic world of microblogging.

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