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Make any Instagram moment a shopping moment 🛍

Nearly half of people surveyed use Instagram to shop weekly1. Download our guide to learn how to take foundational steps to meet shoppers where they are already discovering your products. Learn how to optimize your catalog, use product tags and other best practices to get your shop ready for the holiday season. Download the free…
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TikTok, Meta can see user behavior on in-app browsers, according to research

Next time you click on someone’s “link in bio,” you might be unsuspectingly granting more access to your data than previously understood. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have the ability to track interactions like searches, clicks, screenshots, and “form inputs” (like passwords and credit card numbers) within what’s called an in-app browser, according to tech researcher…
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Streaming is surpassing linear TV viewership

Did you spend July binge-watching Stranger Things and The Bear? So did everyone else, apparently. In July, TV watchers in the US spent more time streaming than they did watching cable or watching broadcast TV, according to data from Nielsen. Viewers spent 34.8% of their total TV time streaming, and they streamed an average of 190.9 billion minutes per…
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Facebook introduces Graph API v14.0 and Marketing API v14.0

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This week, Facebook is releasing Facebook Graph API v14.0 and Marketing API v14.0. As part of this release, we are highlighting changes below that we believe are relevant to parts of our developer community. These changes include announcements, product updates, and notifications on deprecations that we believe are relevant to your application(s)’ integration with our…
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Google just made lazy-loading SEO documents available

Google just released a new document focused on helping webmasters and SEOs ensure a lazy-loading web page content can still be crawled, indexed and eventually ranked in the Google search results. You can find this helpful new support page in the Google developer guides HERE.   What is Lazy Loading? Lazy loading is a technique…
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Caffeinate for a cause

Caffeinate for a Cause 2018

Dutch Bros. Coffee and Turtle Bay to Host “Caffeinate For a Cause” Fundraiser REDDING, CA – Join Turtle Bay Exploration Park and Dutch Bros. Coffee on Thursday, September 20, 2018, for “Caffeinate For a Cause”, an annual fundraiser event benefiting Turtle Bay’s work in cultural and science education, from care and feeding of the animals…
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Redding "The Park"

Redding & Anderson food truck projects get a new partner!

Local business owners partner up with the Redding & Anderson food truck projects known as “The Park” REDDING, CA.—- Redding Dutch Bros co-owner Chris Resner has agreed to become 50% partners with Todd Franklin on both the Redding and Anderson food truck projects, called The Park. Todd Franklin- “I’m excited to partner with them because,…
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Share NATIVELY from Vimeo

Grow your audience with Vimeo!Distribution of your hard work is arguably the most important step of any video. It’s a known fact that it’s important that you post/share those videos in the platforms native format. What does native mean? This means when you want to post one video on Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo, then you need…
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