Netflix with Ads Are Coming!

The service is launching a cheaper subscription with advertising for the first time. Here are the most important things to know.

Netflix has a cheaper tier with advertising coming within weeks.

Netflix, the world’s biggest subscription video service, grew into a behemoth partly thanks to its strategy of making shows and movies available in ad-free binges. At a time when commercial-packed traditional TV dominated, Netflix pitched itself as the alternative that wouldn’t break the flow of your programming with advertising, nor would it make you wait week to week for your next episode. Building itself into a giant by being the contrarian, Netflix spent years dismissing the notion of advertising on its service.

Fast forward to today: Netflix is the one behind the times. Nearly all of Hollywood’s major media companies have launched their own streaming services to take on Netflix, including Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock and Paramount Plus. And as they rolled out, they introduced features that have now become industry norms that customers expect, including an option to pay less if you watch ads.

Nearly every one of Netflix’s new competitors offers a cheaper tier with advertising. (The lone holdout besides Netflix, Apple TV Plus, is reportedly considering ads too.) Now Netflix, dealing with its first membership declines in a decade, has reversed course to rapidly ramp up advertising as well.

The company hasn’t formally detailed but Shasta Solutions is a part of their Advertising Beta Program, so if you want to discuss getting your business on Netflix, then contact us today!