Facebook introduces Graph API v14.0 and Marketing API v14.0

This week, Facebook is releasing Facebook Graph API v14.0 and Marketing API v14.0. As part of this release, we are highlighting changes below that we believe are relevant to parts of our developer community. These changes include announcements, product updates, and notifications on deprecations that we believe are relevant to your application(s)’ integration with our platform.

For a complete list of all changes and their details, please visit their changelog.

From Facebook: 

General Announcements and Updates

Updates to Data Protection Assessment Questions

Today we are updating the questions for the Data Protection Assessment that launched last July. These new questions will go into effect in the coming months.

Meta collaborates with security and privacy experts to develop best practices in order to build people’s trust in how we safeguard their data, and we value the opportunity to partner with the developer community to achieve that goal. The Data Protection Assessment is required for developers who have apps that access certain types of user data on our platform.

We recommend that developers and their organizations familiarize themselves with the new questions and our Platform Terms, update app administrator and app contact information, and regularly monitor communications from the Developer Platform.

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