Sending 4K photos in Facebook Messenger!

Sharing photos just got a little better!

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Image Credit: Facebook

It wasn’t that long ago Facebook allowed us to post in HD, but now they added the ability to share in 4K! As of today, you can send photos to friends in amazing 4K using there Messenger application, so that means when you share your killer Thanksgiving recipe with your aunt Linda in New York, she will be super excited to see every grain seasoning.

Facebook is reporting that their Messenger users send/receive about 17 billion photos every single month! so it makes sense that a some of those people would like to transmit images that are above and beyond the normal meme in quality.

The best part is you don’t have to change any settings. Just make sure you’reusing the latest versions (144.0) which can be updated from the Apple App store or Google Play Store. Keep in mind that sending a higher-resolution photo over your cellular network is going to utilize more of your data plan, so make sure you upgraded to that unlimited plan that the carriers keep pushing.

Shasta Solutions - Marketing Agency


So get your new iPhone X or your Samsung Note 8 and start sharing photos with the best cameras phones around!


Written by: Tyler Whitlow